Sharing with collaborators

Lucidpress documents come equipped with collaborative tools that make working together easier. This tutorial will teach you how to use real-time collaboration, comments, and chat so you don’t have to work on documents all by your lonesome self.

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How to collaborate

If you’d like to invite others to work on a document with you, you’ll simply need to send them a link or an emailed invitation.

  1. In the Lucidpress editor, click on the blue “Share” button on the top right corner of your page. Click “With collaborators”. 
  2. Send an invite to an individual user, a group on your team, or your entire team by typing the email address or name of the individual or group you want to invite. If you don't have a group set up yet, learn how. Select their level of access from the drop-down before clicking “Share”.

  3. While sharing, you can also leave a comment and select if you would like for them to receive an email notification.

Note - if you don't have a team account, a user must accept the 'share' invitation from their notifications or email in order to see the shared document. If you do have a team account, when you share the document, they will automatically have access to the document. You have the option of selecting 'notify via email'

Shareable Link 

If you want your recipients to be able to pass the document to others, click "Shareable Link". Here you can configure if the link is restricted to your organization or the public. Anyone who uses this link must have a Lucidpress account to edit, comment, or view. (prefer them to not need a Lucidpress account? Publish the document instead).

You can also use the checkbox 'make this a single use link' if you only want the link to be accessible one time.


If you prefer Slack as your method of sharing and have the Slack integration configured, you can share to a Slack member and they will receive a notification to view/access the doc in their Slack feed. Simply type a username or channel to begin

Other methods of sharing

You can also do this from the documents page or place the document in a shared folder

Accepting a share notification


Notification bar (located in the documents page):

Checking on the status of a shared document

If you look in the 'collaborators' section, you can see if a document is still pending invitation (waiting for them to accept it or not). To resend, remove their invitation and share it with them again.

Requesting share access

If you land on a document link that is not shared with you, you can request access. The document owner will receive a notification to grant access.

Granting share access

If someone requests share access, you will get a slack notification (if integrated) and email. Here you can decide if they should have 'edit and share access', edit, comment, view, or ignore.


You will see an icon in the top right corner if someone else is viewing and working on the same document as you. You can click on the 'eye' icon if you would like to see their cursors the user icon if you'd like to follow them around.


Learn more


Learn more

Accessing all shared documents

If you want to locate all shared documents, go to the 'shared with me' section in your 'my documents' page. Any folders that are shared with you will also show in the sidebar with a collaborator in the icon.

Mange share levels or unshare a document

Use the 'X' to remove collaborators or the dropdown to share their access levels