My documents page

This is your private space where most of the documents you create will automatically be saved. Use folders here to keep your documents organized. You can import from InDesign, start from a template, or create a new document from scratch.

Recent Documents

Use this tab to quickly find your most recent work. When looking for a document, this is a great place to start.

Shared folders and shared with me

Multiple users can access a shared folder. You can distinguish a shared folder from a private folder by the person icon located on the folder. You will see this icon throughout the platform. Shared with Me will house any individual documents that have been shared with you.


Any documents you delete will be sent to the Trash folder. Please note that any documents sent to the trash will automatically be deleted after 7 days. After that, these files cannot be restored.

Pro tip: Create a folder to store all of your old work rather than deleting documents.

Document Publications

Any documents published to the web will show up in "Document Publications". You can quickly see a list of these files and copy the published URL.

Published documents will count towards your storage. If you would like to free up some space, you might consider unpublishing your files. This can be done by clicking on "Document Publications".


Search for a document

You can search for a specific document with the search bar. You can search for a document name (but not for content inside of a document). 
Pro tip: Be descriptive when naming your documents to find them more easily in the future.

Details Pane

If you select a document or folder, the details pane will provide helpful information. You can see to whom the file is shared, the file size, where the file is located, and more.